Otto Repenn from Germany to United States in 1867

Data from Historical Archives:
record id455136
nameOtto Repenn
date arrived06-22-1867
age28 years
approx. birth year1839
destinationUnited States
native countryGermany
embarkation portHamburg
ship nameEutalia

1 Passenger who may be Related

23 years Female
About This Data Record
Apr 23, 2014 - This data is useful for genealogy and ancestry research on Otto Repenn and family members who may have arrived with them at United States from Germany on 06-22-1867. Our information is derived from ship manifest archives that have been processed through multiple transcribed versions and storage media over the years.

We have attempted to clean and organize malformed and misspelled names and locations, dates, etc. Our unique approach to organizing ship lists and passengers from Germany makes our data appropriate for ancestral research for the casual visitor as well as professional genealogists.
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